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Artur Valentinovich Strakhov began to study music from the age of 4, a composition from the age of 7. A graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory named after PI Tchaikovsky (Composer's Faculty) Piano virtuoso, guitar virtuoso, jazzman, singer, composer. Winner of international competitions. Member of the International Union of Composers, a member of the guild of pianists- accompanists. Arthur gives concerts, both in Russia and abroad. He participated in city, regional, and international competitions. He won about 60 contests, and 3 Grand Prix.


For the given period of time he has released 8 discs, among which there are 10 Sonatas of A.N. Skryabin, also 24 preludes F. Chopin, cycles for piano M.Ravel, guitar disc, and 50 piano author's pieces for DSHI. He is also the Author of 9 compilations (released for confirmation of authorship), including 20 pieces for guitar (School of Guitar), 50 pieces for music school (Piano), and Express - the "Learn how to play the guitar for 9 lessons."

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Here are collected records from the concerts, as well as some records from the collection of Arthur Strakhov.

М.Равель "Ундина"

А.Страхов " RONDENA".

С.Рахманинов " Этюд-картина № 6"

Э.Хайнс " Black Lion Blues"

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